Apogee Sharpening Jig

$349.00 CAD

This complete tool allows perfect sharpening at right angles (90 degrees). The blade height adjustment is standard, another Apogee exclusive. Entirely made in Quebec, Canada .


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Burr Kill

$39.99 CAD

The Dutch Secret that you won’t want to live without!!!  No more slips, no need for bandaids for your fingers!  This super cool invention combines the burr cutting magic of carbide in a finger saving case. It stays square to ensure a perfect edge every time.  Adjusts to different blade thicknesses automatically.  Created and produced in the Netherlands by Goud-Sport.  This one is a must-have in every sharpening kit!!

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CBC Pro Jig

$399.00 CAD

Pro-Sharpening Frame comes complete with top-stops boasting hardened steel contact pins to ensure many years of consistent blade leveling.

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Evo Solid Block Bender

$509.00 CAD

EVO Solid block bender

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