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Ezee Fit 3mm

$34.99 CAD
A miracle for sore feet! There’s no need to suffer. Great, form fitting pull-on anti-blister Booties available in three thicknesses

Ezee Fit Skins

$27.99 CAD
The newest ankle bootie EzeefitskinsTM is marginally thicker (.087mm) than our Ultrathin material, but is considerably softer and has much more stretch. It also has a microfiber interior (logo goes on the outside) which feels like silk against your skin. The new Skins material also provides a bit more padding than our current Ultrathin material, yet takes up no more room. The light gray color disappears under a sock

Gel Ankle Tubes

$32.99 CAD
Gel Tubes are a soft, comfortable, stretch fabric tube fully lined with proprietary polymer gel. The unique vitamin enriched oil

Viking Neoprene Boot Covers

$39.00 CAD
Keep your toes toasty!  Neoprene boot covers from Viking.

Xact Shin Guards

$15.00 CAD
Shin guards SMALL = 14cm MEDIUM = 16cm ​LARGE = 18cm