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NICE Face Masks – Assorted Designs

$12.00 CAD
Non-medical masks, but ones that meet the necessary quality standards. Protection, safety and functionality are paramount. We work with Tex certified fabrics. Washable, ecological and sustainable. By using "more luxurious" fabrics than the standard disposable masks, they are also more comfortable. In addition, we provide beautiful, fun or original masks through personalization.  They make mask wearing a fashionable and cool thing to do! Made in Europe.

Plastic Glove Tips by Nicesports

$20.00 CAD $12.99 CAD
Choose either of the 5 colors or an assorted pack, with one of each color.  Plastic tips.  Glue onto clean gloves with any type of Super glue.

Carbon Fiber Glove Tips

$34.99 CAD
Carbon fibre glove tips.  Reduce friction and increase glove life with this performance product. Black only.

NICE Cut Resistant Gloves

$30.00 CAD $19.99 CAD
The cut-resistant Skate glove from Nice protects the hand against abrasions and cuts, the gloves are made of cut-resistant level 5. The thin glove has a PU coating on the inside of the hand for the perfect fit. The Nice Glove complies with the International Skating Union (ISU) regulations. (EN 388)  

NICE Helmet

$120.00 CAD $99.00 CAD
Nice Skating Helmet is Super light (265gr) and a well-ventilated skating helmet. The High density EPS material is shock absorbing. and offers good protection. The 3D aerodynamic design ensures the ultimate aerodynamic level. The in-mold technology on the skating helmet absorbs the shock universally through the helmet. Thanks to the adjustable chin strap and spiderlock system, the helmet can be used for young and old. Certificates with which the skating helmet meets are from ASTM and because of this it is approved by the ISU. CE-CPSC-ASTM-AS / NZS-TUV-EN1078

Apogee Full Protection Short Track suit

$399.99 CAD
Full Protection Short Track suits by Apogee.  Fully lined with Dynamix. Multi Color Design available in most sizes.  Blue/black design is running low as well as the red/black.

Bont Cut Resistant Gloves

$30.00 CAD
Level 4 cut resistant gloves made of polyethylene cut resistant fibers with Pu coated palm and fingers

Bont Helmet

$99.00 CAD
Lightweight and comfortable.  Great fit.  Spiderlock tightener in back.  Meets ISU regulations.  Two colors available. Inmold helmet 54-58cm S/M 58-62cm L/XL

Nice Ankle Protector 2

$39.00 CAD
The cut-resistant ankle protector from Nice protects completely around the ankle against cuts, the protector is made of cut-resistant level 5. The material has a lot of stretch for the perfect press shape and it is not for the skate but over the skate. Why does Nice choose Level 5 because this level is best protected against cuts. Nice ankle protector meets International Skating Union (ISU) regulations.

NICE shin, knee, ankle protector

$75.00 CAD
Nice cut resistant shin / Ankle protector Nice cut-resistant shin / Ankle protector protects the shin, knee and around the ankle, the protector is made of cut-resistant level 5. Why Nice chooses Level 5 because this level is best protected against cuts. to the International Skating Union (ISU) regulations. The cut-resistant ankle protector goes with a Velcro around the skate. This means excellent protection for you as a short track, long track, mass start or marathon skater! The protector is made by athletes for athletes to create the right materials and fit.

Applerind Ankle Protector

$39.99 CAD
Level 2 cut resistant ankle cuff protection Double layer - Stretchier and taller than most others One size

Pro-Shield Cut resistant Socks

$29.99 CAD
PRO-SHIELD Low Cut / Cut resistant socks Adult / Senior SMALL / SMALL (2-4) Protection against 360-degree cuts from the ankle bone to the calf 50% Cut resistant material, 35% Nylon, 5% Spandex, 10% Polyester