Bont Carrier Backpack

C$ 89.99 C$ 69.99

This purpose built skate bag allows you to carry your skates on the outside of the bag. It also has a top section for your helmet and loads of pockets for your bearings, skate tool, phone and more.

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Bont Waxed Laces

C$ 8.99

Waxed laces hold their tight position better than regular laces.

Available in black, red, yellow, pink, blue, black, and gray.

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Coach Pendant/Charm

C$ 12.00

The perfect gift for your coach!

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Coaches’ Lap Board

C$ 249.99

The Lap Board is a must-have tool for every long track speed skating coach.

The Lap Board Will help the coach communicate with his skaters by clearly displaying lap times to them during races, assisting them to make the necessary adjustments to their pace.

Quick change numbers in an easy to hold carrying case.

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Guard Dog Skate Guards

C$ 19.99


Available in:  White, Black, Red, Purplegelz, Bluegelz, Pinkgelz, Cleargelz, Pink pearlz, Blue pearlz, Green pearlz,Purple pearlz, White pearlz, Orange pearlz, Yellow pearlz, Groovy grape ty-dyz, Merry Melon ty-dyz, Tangy Lime ty-dyz, pink glows, pink glitz, blue glitz, green glitz, purple glitz, royal glitz, red glitz, gold glitz, silver glitz, copper glitz

New!  Mint scented in green, blue, and pink.  New neon colors as well!

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C$ 19.99
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NEW!! Bont Backpack

C$ 89.99

New design!  Skate pockets and straps on the sides, helmet pocket in the bottom and room for the rest of your gear on the inside.

Available in black/green, black/red or black/pink

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Triple Row Stopwatch

C$ 49.99

100 memory recall

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Waxed Laces

C$ 2.99

Available in 63″ and 72″ lengths.

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