Boots (Long Track)

Apogee APG-L200

$299.00 CAD

New!  Great moldability and great value!

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Bont Z (LT)

$449.99 CAD
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Boot Covers

$39.99 CAD

Boot Covers.  Keep your feet warm for longer with these skate covers.  Ideal for outdoor skating.


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$149.99 CAD
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Viking Bronze

$280.00 CAD

The sturdy Bronze boot is super versatile and perfectly suited for the recreational to (young) competitive skater. This strong but lightweight tub shoe is thermoplastic deformable, comfortable and inexpensive

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Viking Gold

$650.00 CAD

The special durable building of the gold boot is made of light but very strong kangaroo leather. The lining of high quality and soft-touch calf leather provides extra comfort, durability and minimal friction. The supplied wax laces are protected by a lacing of stretch leather for extra safety and prevent loose laces.

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Viking Silver

$525.00 CAD

This high performance skate boot can be fully molded to your foot thanks to thermo fitting and suitable for both recreational and competitive use. The increased thermoplastic ankle pockets and fitted fit provide optimal support and steering. Ideal for comfortable and technical skating.

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