Blades (Short Track)

Bont GT3

$379.99 CAD

The WT3 aluminum tube provides a very constant and stable bend. Reference marks has been laser printed for a more precise bending process. The 2 color tube design makes them unique on the market!

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Bont Patriot Boa/Ultrasprint Club Special

$449.99 CAD

Club Special!  Back for a limited time (while supplies last!)

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Bont Platimum K390 (ST)

$499.99 $399.99 CAD
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Guard Dog Skate Guards

$19.99 CAD


Available in:  White, Black, Red, Purplegelz, Bluegelz, Pinkgelz, Cleargelz, Pink pearlz, Blue pearlz, Green pearlz,Purple pearlz, White pearlz, Orange pearlz, Yellow pearlz, Groovy grape ty-dyz, Merry Melon ty-dyz, Tangy Lime ty-dyz, pink glows, pink glitz, blue glitz, green glitz, purple glitz, royal glitz, red glitz, gold glitz, silver glitz, copper glitz

New!  Mint scented in green, blue, and pink.  New neon colors as well!

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Limited Edition Bont Carbon/GT3

$649.00 CAD

Coming soon!  Pre-order now

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Maple Mad Dog (ST)

$449.00 $249.00 CAD
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Maple Superflex

$429.99 $299.99 CAD

There are those who use pure strength and those who use skill. Short trackers of the last category choose the flexibility of Maple Superflex. Because you can also race with refinement. The first choice is for young, elite, or lightweight racers.

Bi-metal 64 Hrc.

Precision ground to thickness 1,10 -1,18 –1,25 mm.

Cups and tube: anodized 7000 series aluminum.

Discontinued by Maple, but we have been able to purchase some of the remaining stock at a discounted price.

Only one pair of 14″ and one pair of 16″remaining!

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Maplez Gold PB

$489.99 CAD

Maplez newest version of their popular Gold blades.  Newly designed cups and pre-bent blades.

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Maplez Premium PB

$199.99 CAD

Featured with pre-bend, new quality precision, suitable for entry level

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