Blades (Long Track)

Cadomotus NSX

$449.99 $349.00 CAD
“The Cadomotus SilverSaya blade is a truly innovative and unique high-performance long track speed skating blade at an attractive price. These ice skate blades are
unlike any other aluminium blade thanks to the proven NSX® profile which enhances steering properties. High performance aluminum. Unlike any other aluminium blade thanks to the proven NSX® profile”
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Evo 527 Laser Weld Clap

$1,169.00 CAD

Designed and produced in the Netherlands.

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Guard Dog Skate Guards

$19.99 CAD


Available in:  White, Black, Red, Purplegelz, Bluegelz, Pinkgelz, Cleargelz, Pink pearlz, Blue pearlz, Green pearlz,Purple pearlz, White pearlz, Orange pearlz, Yellow pearlz, Groovy grape ty-dyz, Merry Melon ty-dyz, Tangy Lime ty-dyz, pink glows, pink glitz, blue glitz, green glitz, purple glitz, royal glitz, red glitz, gold glitz, silver glitz, copper glitz

New!  Mint scented in green, blue, and pink.  New neon colors as well!

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Viking Eclipse

$270.00 CAD

The Viking Eclipse offers as you can say ‘Best of both
worlds’. A chassis in the starting price category with the
character characteristics of a ‘pro’ skate. A
great base for the recreational and sporting skater who has quality and functionality as a priority

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Viking Icon

$785.00 CAD

The latest Viking chassis. Based on the characteristics of the world-famous Nagano skate, but made with the most innovative production methods as used in the top model of the Viking bases (the Sapphire). The result is a great steerable and stable skate that everyone can use. An iconic competition skate, faster, even better and with the lightest construction within the Viking line-up. 

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Viking Sapphire

$900.00 CAD

With the specific properties of the tube, the special
wide bracket, the high quality materials and the
perfected welding method, the Sapphire offers a
sensational new Viking feeling.

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