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1 Piece Standard Buckle

$14.00 CAD
Replacement part for Bont and similar styles

1 Piece Standard Ladder

$4.00 CAD
Replacement part for Bont and similar styles.  11 cm

Apogee Waxed Laces 60″

$7.00 CAD
Heavy duty waxed laces.  Available in red, black or green.

Bont Buckle Kit

$34.99 CAD
Have you busted a buckle? No worries. Just grab a small screw driver and you can easily replace them. Buckle

Bont Waxed Laces

$8.99 CAD
Waxed laces hold their tight position better than regular laces. Available in black, red, yellow, pink, blue, black, and gray.

Evo Clap Bridge

$64.99 CAD
Available in red or silver

Evo Cup Mounting Hardware

$12.99 CAD
High grade mounting hardware for your Evo cups.

Evo Mounting Cups

$99.99 CAD
Our innovative and exclusive cup mounting system is compatible with all Evo blade models. This system optimizes a strong interface

Maple Bridge replacement guide

$4.99 CAD
Maple bridge replacement guide.

Maple Dampener

$1.00 CAD
Replacement dampener for long track blades.