1 Piece Standard Buckle

$14.00 CAD

Replacement part for Bont and similar styles

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1 Piece Standard Ladder

$14.00 CAD

Replacement part for Bont and similar styles.  11 cm

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Apogee Short Track suits – Youth

$229.99 CAD

Apogee Short Track suits for kids. Built in knee and shin pads.

Available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16

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Bont Backpack

$89.99 CAD

New design!  Skate pockets and straps on the sides, helmet pocket in the bottom and room for the rest of your gear on the inside.

Available in black/green, black/red or black/pink

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Bont Neoprene Boot Covers

$19.99 CAD

Keep your toes toasty!  Neoprene boot covers from Bont.

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Bont Soakers

$24.99 CAD

Great quality, quilted soakers with thick terry lining.  Embroidered logo.  Fits blade lengths up to 17.5″

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Bont Waxed Laces

$8.99 CAD

Waxed laces hold their tight position better than regular laces.

Available in black, red, yellow, pink, blue, black, and gray.

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Bont Wheelie Bag

$149.00 CAD

Top quality product designed specifically for speed skating and inline.  Mesh pockets inside to hold your helmet and accessories.  Plenty of room for your skates and gear.  Fits as airline carry on.

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Burr Kill

$39.99 CAD

The Dutch Secret that you won’t want to live without!!!  No more slips, no need for bandaids for your fingers!  This super cool invention combines the burr cutting magic of carbide in a finger saving case. It stays square to ensure a perfect edge every time.  Adjusts to different blade thicknesses automatically.  Created and produced in the Netherlands by Goud-Sport.  This one is a must-have in every sharpening kit!!

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Cado Motus Backpack (Airflow)

$139.99 CAD

Our most popular backpack.  Plenty of room for all of your skating gear and lots of cool colors.  Lightweight and ergonomically designed to contour against your back. So comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.  .  When ordering, just specify color in the text box in the online order.

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Cado Motus Backpack (Water Flow)

$159.99 CAD

The 2016 Waterflow Backpack represents the best of everything you expect from Cádomotus – Function, Quality, Durability and Style.

Made from water-repellent tarpaulin, it’s light and strong, made to be the bag that holds a career-full of memories. It’s designed with comfort in mind, from the padded, double-stuffed shoulder straps to the back-supporting airflow rack. The Waterflow backpack is easy to wear, even when it’s loaded to the hilt and needs to be carried further than from the bus to the bench.

– Padded anatomical shoulder straps make transport easy
– Ergonomic construction for ache-free active-use
– Hygienic ventilation fights bacteria and embarrassing odors
– Large and functional carrying capacity packs more than any other
– Twin Zip-Top closure and top-side handle make access simple
– Helmet pocket secures and protects the integrity of your gear
– External skate straps & buckles keep your skates in place

Colors black/white, black/pink or black/blue

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Cado Motus Versatile Backpack

$219.00 CAD

Dedicated skaters know…there’s little else more important than keeping your skates in a rugged, secure and ventilated backpack.  Comfortable to carry, in a bold and eye-catching design, the Versatile backpack is full of internal stay-dry storage options for all your skating equipment and accessories.

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Coach Pendant/Charm

$12.00 CAD

The perfect gift for your coach!

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Coaches’ Lap Board

$249.99 CAD

The Lap Board is a must-have tool for every long track speed skating coach.

The Lap Board Will help the coach communicate with his skaters by clearly displaying lap times to them during races, assisting them to make the necessary adjustments to their pace.

Quick change numbers in an easy to hold carrying case.

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Core FX Ignition Switch Harness

$89.99 CAD

The COREFX Ignition Switch Harness is a powerful personal training tool for resistance training with athletes.

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Core FX Slide Board

$189.00 CAD

Not just for dryland skating, the COREFX Skill Slide can be used as a training tool in various types of training applications.

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Core FX Slingshot Overspeed Trainer

$89.99 CAD

The Slingshot Overspeed Trainer helps athletes to dramatically enhance running speed through use of overspeed training.

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Corner Belt/Cables

$19.99 CAD

ILSS Corner belt available in several funky colours.  A must-have tool for dryland training. Made in Canada.

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Evo Soakers

$23.99 CAD

Protect your valuable blades with these cool soakers.  Designed to keep your blades safe and dry in your skate bag.

Red with black stripe and Evo logo.

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