Photo Credit: Arno Hoogveld

Maplez Vision MV1-ST

$349.99 CAD $280.00 CAD
Vision MV1.ST – Product Specs Fit 2.5% toe lift to increase stability during corner entries and exits Full standard last

Maple Mad Dog (ST)

$449.00 CAD $249.00 CAD
Watching a 500 meter Short track race often reminds us of a pack of aggressive dogs frantically chasing their prey.

Eze Lap Diamond Stone – 6″ Medium

$79.99 CAD $68.00 CAD
New Product! Eze Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone — Coarse 6″ Double sided 76C.46.69 This stone is easily packed in your

Auclair – Canadian Team Gloves

$114.00 CAD $79.99 CAD
Construction: Palm material: High resistance Amara Palm Shell material: Polyester Spandex & Lycra Lining: Kevlar Para-Aramid lining surrounding the complete

Be Safe, my Friends

We were all sad to have an early end to our skating season, but there will always be another race if you want there to be. Our world is small and how we behave not only affects those close to us, it also affects those farther away. Please be considerate global citizens and abide by the World Health Organization's recommendations and keep yourself and others safe. I am so lucky to have customers and friends all over the world. None of us can be complacent about this pandemic. We all love speed skating and look forward to happier times back on the ice, but for now it's more important that we look after the world that we are all part of. Be safe my friends!

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